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Apocalypse Tank - Final by 043152F Apocalypse Tank - Final by 043152F
Final textured render for the Apocalypse tank from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2.

Fanart of the most powerful armoued vehicle from the Soviet faction / Soviet arsenal of weapons.

Vehicle/Unit design done by Westwood Studios / EALA (Electronic Arts Los Angeles Studios), 2000.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is a RTS game produced by Westwood Studios / EALA, 2000.

Publisher / Developer / Producer Link: [link]

Looks like I have overestimated myself and the best I could was to come up with 2 new coloured pieces since the previous reviews.

I have Japanese class tomorrow.. No.. Rather this morning at 8am, I haven't study for the quiz. I have drawing assignment to be handed up on Friday and was busy with Audio and Visual assignment for 2 whole weeks, not to mention other additional modules like Design History, plus a quiz on that as well on Thursday.

Therefore, The rest will be what I have shown for the previous review. But of cause, that doesn't mean I wouldn't edit and improve further.

Portfolio is not a one-time kind of thing, it takes a process of months and even years.

One more last statement, Mr. Calvin Tan says that 2 minutes gesture drawings with skills is allowed, so I don't see why my drawings that last 30 minutes to 2 hours can't be placed into my portfolio.
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shindongouk Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
The2ndSoviet Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
sting2death Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2007
"These will be your final moments" ... If your attacked by one of them :D

Awesome work ! my favorite Tank in Red Alert ! five stars ! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Kokuei7 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That looks incredible, I love the detail on the full view. I'm afraid I can't be any more constructive on that as I don't know much abuot 3D, but it looks really really cool :)

I thought C&C when I saw it but only because I'm a game obsessed nut, good going.
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November 27, 2006
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